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Our clients use funds for a variety of reasons. The majority of our clients use Collateral Finance to expand and grow their business, investment opportunities, or simply for some extra cash flow. Whatever your reason, Collateral Finance is here to help you when you need it.

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We will email or fax you a prepaid FedEx shipping label. Just put your asset(s) in a box and attach the prepaid label, then drop it off at any FedEx location.

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When we receive your asset, one of our graduate gemologists will evaluate your collateral and provide you with an estimate for the value of your loan. When you accept the quote, your loan will be funded within minutes.


While you repay the loan, your valuables are insured for 200% of their value and stored in one of our high security commercial vaults.

Recent Funded Loans

Modern Artwork


Paid Off In 6 months

8.5% Interest
Vintage Rolex


Dolores B.

“Wow, it was so easy, thanks for your professionalism.”

Paid Off In 2 months

4% Interest
Gold Coins


Austin K.

“I was surprised at how much my coins where worth, the $75,000.00 allowed me to make an important investment in equipment for my business during high season, thank you!”

Paid Off In 4 months

7% Interest
3 Carat Diamond & Breitling


Dave S.

“What a great transaction, I thought I’d have to sell my jewelry for pennies on the dollar when I only needed the money for a few weeks. I’ll definitely use the service again!”

Paid Off In 3 months

4.5% Interest

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Start your Application Online

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